Strava End of Year Insights

Strava has released its third annual End of Year Insights report this week, providing valuable data about cyclists in the U.S., Canada and the world!

Diamondback Andean Aero future?

Diamondback claims the Andean is the most aerodynamic triathlon bike ever made!

Calgary Cycle-track Network Approved

After a vote at Calgary’s city council, the network of cycling infrastructure in Calgary’s downtown core and the Beltline area, introduced 18 months ago as a pilot project, is officially here to stay!

Sir Bradley Wiggins Retires

Sir Bradley Wiggins a Tour de France winner & five-time Olympic champion announced his retirement from professional cycling today.

Slaying the Badger

LeMond and Hinault ride for the same team. Asked by a reporter why he attacked his own teammate, he replies, “Because I felt like it.”

Every Kid Deserves a Bike

Volunteers worked tirelessly this holiday season to ensure that needy kids in their community got a bike on Christmas morning.

Zipps 454 inspired by Humpback Whales

After four years of research and design, the advanced engineers in Zipp’s Nest Speed Weaponry has launched the Zipp 454, a wheel inspired by humpback whales. The issue at hand was how to make a wheel both faster and more stable in cross winds, essentially looking for the Holy Grail of aero wheels. Oddly, their inspiration came from humback whales. Humbacks have small ridges on their pectoral fins, called tubercles, which keep water attached to their flippers when turning, making them more agile. The same concept has been applied in other industries, notably in planes, where these ridges, also called vortex generators, provide both lift and stability.