Amanda Coker beats Kurt Searvogel’s Year record!

Back in 2011 while cycling with her father Ricky near their home in North Carolina when they were hit by a distracted driver. Amanda suffered serious brain trauma and he dad broke his back. Amanda’s injuries resulted in her leaving school as well as suffering from anxiety and depression. It took several years for Amanda…

Future cycling jersey?

A team of MIT researchers has designed a breathable workout suit with ventilating flaps that open and close in response to an athlete’s body heat and sweat. These flaps are lined with live microbial cells that shrink and expand in response to changes in humidity.

Alfonsina Strada Giro d’Italia in 1924

Alfonsina Strada was an Italian cyclist and the only woman to race in the Giro d’Italia in 1924 when the organizers mistook her for a man. At the time newspapers called her The Devil in a dress!

Alison Cohen – Bicycle Transit Systems

Alison Cohen is re-inventing the 
way people move in some of our largest cities by making bikes more accessible. Her company, Bicycle Transit Systems, which in 2017 formed a strategic alliance with Trek Bicycle’s bike share company and is responsible for bike share systems in some of the nation’s largest, and traditionally most bike-unfriendly cities, including Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Oklahoma City, and her home town of Philadelphia.

Giro d’Italia 100th Anniversary T-Shirt

Antonio Marras has designed an exclusive T-shirt celebrating the 100th anniversary of Giro d’Italia, Italy’s most famous and prestigious annual multiple-stage bicycle race.

Every Kid Deserves a Bike

“The mission at Going Places is to bring joy to deserving children from low income families by providing them with bikes, swim lessons, summer camp opportunities, and more. This will enrich their growth and fuel their imaginations, supporting the most basic childhood right – a right to joy.” -Katie Blomquist, Going Places Founder and Operating Director

The historic ‘ramata’ finish adorns the new Cento10AIR!

The historic ‘ramata’ finish adorns the new Cento10AIR.

Aerodynamics, lightness and a unique style are combined to make the new Cento10AIR a unique racing machine.


Wilier’s storied past and racing heritage have combined to produce a new bicycle with aerodynamics, low weight, and high ride quality making the new Cento10AIR a unique racing machine.

Col du Tourmalet

From time to time we plan on featuring epic rides and epic climbs as well.

One of the first major climbs in the Tour de France, the Col du Tourmalet claimed its place in cycling legend in 1910 when one of the race leaders on the climb called the organizers “murderers” for planning a stage of 326km over 7 climbs and unpaved roads for riders on heavy, single gear bikes.

Health Benefits of Biking to Work

A new study of commuters in the United Kingdom reveals that people who bike to work tend to live longer and are at lower risk of heart disease and cancer. Biking to work can yield major health benefits.

People who bike to work have a mortality rate 41 percent lower than people who take transit or drive, and are also significantly less likely to develop heart disease and cancer, according to the study published last week in the British Medical Journal.