German Bike Highway connects 10 Cities

German Bike Highway connects 10 Cities. Germany’s bicycle Highway will to provide over 100km miles of car-free bike travel when it is completed. The route will connect 10 western cities including Duisburg, Bochum, and Hamm as well as four universities.


LENGTH OF SWEDEN is an endurance ride documentary – following three cyclists on the 2,100 km Sverigetempot randonée along the spine of Scandinavia. The Sverigetempot is a ten year old, officially-sanctioned brevet, totaling 2100 kilometers. The ride begins on the Sweden and Norway border, in a small town called Riksgränsen. From there, a small group of riders have either 144 hours or 177 hours to make it to the southernmost point of the country, Smygehamn.

UPS To Launch eBike In Fort Lauderdale, Florida

UPS has announced the launch of an eBike that will deliver packages along Las Olas Boulevard and in surrounding neighborhoods in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. The electrically-assisted tricycle supports Fort Lauderdale’s Green Your Routine program, geared toward achieving the city’s sustainability goals, and, Vision Zero Fort Lauderdale, a citywide initiative to create safer streets for everyone. UPS’s Cycle Solutions will help reduce carbon emissions and noise, as well as improve traffic congestion and air quality in the city’s downtown corridor.

200 years ago in Germany… the bicycle

200 years ago in Germany Baron Karl von Drais showed off his newest invention: the ‘draisienne’ which was also known as the ‘laufmachine’, ‘running machine’ or ‘Vélocipède’), a two-wheeled horseless vehicle propelled by its rider. Without Baron Karl von Drais we would not have the modern bicycle.

My Esel custom wooden bikes

WOOD. Brings performance. Provides comfort. Think of tomorrow!

My-Esel wooden frames are tested and certified according to ISO 4210-6: 2014,4. They are characterized by high stiffness and are protected by a fourfold surface sealant optimally against all weather conditions. In addition, wood vibration dampens many times better than Carbon. This results in high running stability and reduces impacts which are transmitted directly to the cyclist via the seat tube.

Canyon Bikes coming to the USA

Canyon bikes will be available in the United States in September of 2017. Until now, Canyon, the popular, direct-to-consumer German brand, has sold throughout Europe, Australia and New Zealand, shipping tuned bikes direct to consumers homes. Canyon claims that assembly of its bikes, which are high quality and substantially cheaper than competitors’, takes less than 15 minutes, with tools and instructions provided.

Canyon’s United States facility will be located in Chino, California. Frank Aldorf, Canyon’s chief marketing officer said Southern California represents the biggest year-round cycling market for Canyon, so locating a warehouse there is important to be close to its customers.

Kraftwerk to open 2017 Tour de France

The Tour de France will start in Germany this year for the fourth time in the history of the race. The German electronic band Kraftwerk will open the Tour de France with a performance of their own “Tour de France.”

Shut Up, Legs!: My Wild Ride On and Off the Bike

Cyclists around the world and of all ages will be grateful Jens shut up his legs but not his mouth. His hilarious, unique, instructive, always heartfelt stories from inside the peloton bring even more color to one of the most colorful careers in all of pro bicycle racing.

UPS adds e-bikes to the fleet

United Parcel Service (UPS) recently launched their first e-bike delivery program in the United States in November of 2016.