Tubolito Ultralight Extra Durable Tubes

A new tube for road and mountain bikes that are super light, hold pressure as good as a normal butly tube and is twice as flat resistant. Tubolito tubes are 2/3 lighter than a standard tube. Every gram counts, when it is up to cycling fun. Even more if you reduce the rotational weight.

Tubolito provides this solution, as they are combining a new material with a self-developed production technology. Applying this technology allows them to build a 45gram mountain bike tube and a 38gram road bike tube.Tubolito have created tubes that are twice as strong as standard tubes by using a new concept:

The Tubolito tubes are manufactured with a thermoplastic elastomer, called TPU. This group of materials is known for its durability and excellent damping abilities. It has replaced many rubber products in the automotive and pharma industry already. It was their goal to transform the excellent material characteristics into an outstanding bicycle product. They achieved that by reducing the number of contact areas and kept the seams to a minimum.
Christian Lembacher (material science engineer) and Akos Kertesz (mechanical engineer) are the founders of Tubolito. In their previous job, the enthusiastic mountainbikers, were developing loudspeakers for mobile phones. Working on new hight-tech materials as a membrane material for loudspeakers, which needs to be very light and robust, the idea came up to revolutionize the 100 year old bike tubes made of rubber.Using a new high-tech thermoplastic elastomer and combined with a unique manufacturing technology Tubolito is capable of delivering very light, robust and reliable bike tubes to their customers.
The people at Tubolito love cycling and wanted to make the cycling experience even greater – whether in the woods or on the road, with muscle power or supported by an electric motor. As engineers it is their ambition to offer high-end and high-quality products. The team is constantly working on optimizing their tubes and developing new product ranges. As passionate tube engineers, they are convinced that this is only the beginning of a fascinating journey.The use of new technologies and high-tech materials will further revolutionize the bike tube industry.The use of new technologies and high-tech materials will further revolutionize the bike tube industry.

i2B: 3rd place in category technology of business plan competition i2B 2016.
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Winner of Gamechanger Puls 4 startup pitch 2017
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STARTUP CYCLING Berlin 2017: 2nd place
ISPO 2018: Winner in category accessories
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Category Cafe plans on testing these new tubes for the 2019 cycling season.
Learn more here .: https://www.tubolito.com

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  1. bgddyjim says:

    Holy crap! My tires only cost a few more bucks that that! I’ll wait till the price comes down a bit. Ouch.


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