Lumos Helmet named Design of the Year

Re-imagining the bicycle helmet. Lumos is the world’s first smart bike helmet that beautifully integrates lights, hard brake, turn signals, and helmet into a single cohesive whole. An elegant solution for your safety and visibility. No wonder Lumos has won so many awards.

Trek Bicycle Corp Factory Tour

We highly recommend the Trek factory tour. See the bikes being painted and even built up close. Visit the Trek world headquarters in Waterloo, WI and learn about the history of the bikes, athletes, and company.

The University of Iowa Hand Built Bicycle Program.

The University of Iowa Hand Built Bicycle Program. Art professor Steve McGuire started the course Fabrication and Design: Hand Built Bicycle in 2010. Ever since, UI students have been designing and welding their own bike frames in the semester course.

Cycling Anti-Aging Benefits

The world renowned Mayo Clinic researchers say interval training may have anti-aging benefits at the cellular level.

Nairo attempts Giro & Tour double

Winning the Giro d’Italia and Tour de France in one season is something that has not happened since 1998. In modern cycling this is seen as an impossible dream. Experts comment on how the attempt may affect Nairo Quintana.

The Giro starts on May 5 in Sardinia and ends on May 28 in Milan. The Tour de France begins 34 days later on July 1.

Tour of Ara

The Tour of Ara is completely independent, and paid for by the entrants; there are no sponsors or patrons, and no prize money – we aim to keep it that way. This race is ridden entirely at ones own risk. You cannot hold anybody but yourself responsible for what might transpire during the Tour of Ara. So don’t come crying if you get a flat or lose a finger. Prepare, train, and know your abilities and limitations before entering.

Dassi Graphene Frame 750g

UK bike manufacturer Dassi has launched the world’s first bike frame that contains graphene. The new frame that contains graphene weighs 750g, although Dassi claims that they may be able to reduce the weight to 350g in the near future.

Nova Eroica Buonconvento

“Nova Eroica seeks to unite competition, the bread and butter of all sport, and the pleasure of high performance, with time to look around and share moments of conviviality and comradery with your team.” – Giancarlo Brocci, Creator of L’Eroica

The Japanese Odyssey

The Japanese Odyssey is a free-form adventure of a ride in Japan that sees challengers attempt to cover 2,400km (1,491 miles) in 14 days, conquering 11 mandatory climbs along the way.

Inga Thompson to work on women’s cycling advocacy

“I see the women in cycling coming together and thought I could help be one of the people that creates that tipping point. I’m sure there are others who have been out of the loop, but who want to be involved in promoting women in the sport. There are a lot of people starting to rally around the women and I want to be a part of that movement. We need to keep this forward momentum and not let it stall out.” said Inga Thompson

Earn Your Strava Name

Portland agency The Program recently launched a website called Earn Your Name, which gives you a nickname based on your Strava activities.

The website will generate your nickname, basic ride stats and a digital poster for you.