New Orleans to double Biking in 2017

New Orleans has rapidly become one of the nation’s leading cities for bike transportation. About one in 30 residents commute by bike, double the rate from 2007 and sixth highest rate among large U.S. cities, right between Seattle and Oakland.

The city’s new goal is to double its biking rate again over the next three years — in the central neighborhoods where 10 percent or more of residents already bike to work.

commuting map

Bike-commuting percentages by Census tract (2009-2013 average). Via Census Explorer.

“Even if you look back at our historical commute data, New Orleans has always had a higher than the national average commute to work by bike. We’re kind of the opposite of many cities that invested heavily in bike infrastructure and then saw that growth happen.” said active transportation project manager Jennifer Ruley.

According to an American Community Survey, New Orleans boasts the 10th highest percentage of residents who cycle to work each day. In the last decade alone, New Orleans has paved more than 100 miles of bike lanes throughout the city. Social bike tours, bike parades, and bicycle valets are now common events in city programming. With so many bike commuters, NOLA is developing its own culture around biking.

Each year more New Orleanians seem likely to be rolling forward on bicycles.


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